Monday, 24 February 2014

Ask The Expert : Jeff Kingston - Lurestrike Spinnerbaits

1. How long have you been in the lure making industry ?

 I’ve been involved in the tackle industry for over ten years and have been manufacturing Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits and Rumblers(chatterbaits) for around 7 years. I’ve been fishing form about the age of 15 predominantly WP and PP bays although always enjoyed the trips to Eildon and Mulwala over the years chasing Trout and Native species.

2. What should a person look for in a quality Spinnerbait ?

The Beast
 I think you need to look for a spinnerbait that has a quality Ball bearing swivel, depending on species a big strong sharp hook, quality blades that will give a long lasting flash, a durable paint job  & strong wire form that suits the species your fishing for. As with most things you can buy the run of the mill low end gear or spend that little bit more to get quality parts & lure durability.

3. What is your recommended guide to Weight v depth when selecting the right spinnerbait?

 The best all round weight would probably be the 5/8 oz. spinner, although blade selection would be just as important as they can determine what depths the spinner runs at. If fishing shallow a double or single colorado would be the best option and when fishing deep or fast flowing water the Willowleaf blades are better suited. Its really can come down to what people feel comfortable using too, I know a lot of the guys are now fishing with oversized single Willows or Colorado blades.

4. What is your favourite pattern in your range ?

 My favourite pattern would have to be our New Redfin Pattern it's has only been out for short time, we have had lots of good feedback on these. I also like the Team Goodang Range of spinnerbaits that have been designed in conjunction with The Team Goodang boys, they know how to catch them.

5. What hooks do you use and why ?

 We currently use Mustad Hooks, the main reason for this is they were one of the only Manufactures to have a 6/0 size spinnerbait hook in their range, we were looking for big hooks as Murray Cod have Big Gobs and a lot of spinners at the time were fitted with small  wire & hooks. We were looking at building bigger stronger Spinnerbaits. We are currently looking at Owner range of hooks for some of our smaller Spinners.

6. What has been your biggest selling spinnerbait?

 Our Biggest Selling Spinnerbait would be the Team Goodang Series Spinnerbaits, they have featured in quite a few magazine articles and the Lads from Team Goodang have landed some great fish on them.

7. What has been the most significant 'new technology' in spinnerbait design?

 I think Spinnerbaits have pretty much stayed the same over the years although their are a lot of variations around now like twin & quad spins and a few other designs, I think the main advancement has been with the Spinnerbait blades, lots of new shapes and finishes out there now, the new Live Pro spinner blades have a fish image on them so they look pretty cool. A couple of things Lurestrike have bought to the table have been the Take Two Spinnerbait with its duel wire forms, the Stinger Spinnerbait with its unique wire trace hook assembly and finally the Double D the first real super strong spinnerbait with its .051 wire and big 6/0 hook.

8. Will we see any new models soon in the Lurestrike range?

 Yes we are always looking at bringing out new and innovative ideas, we have the Beast Coming that has just been released, and we are currently looking into a few smaller weights for the Boofhead series. ( The  new Small Fry Series spinnerbaits have since been released)...

9. Tell us a little about the skirt compound ( ie material, different types) ?

 Most of the skirts these days are silicone although the old  rubber skirts are still available. Our supplier supplies us with quality 100% high grade Dow Corning silicone skirts. There is a huge range of skirt models, styles and colours, Lightning Skirts and Easy Pro which are very easy to assemble due to there hub design,  you have the standard skirt in a huge array of designs and colours, Hot Tip,  Glitter, Chrome, Baitfish, Stripe and many more, their is a silicone skirt that is made to feel like the old rubber, like the Ultra Silk range of skirts we currently stock. Most skirts have 44 – 50 strands 
although some use more to add extra bulk to the spinner.

10. Why should someone buy lurestrike spinnerbaits? 

 We have a huge range of models, colours & sizes, we build quality spinners at a very reasonable price, We have a photo gallery full of quality fish caught on our lures and we listen to experts in the field to make further improvements if need be and most of all we listen to the feedback from our customers. 

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Backwater Assault Hand Paddle - Review

When I was told that the backwater paddle company were introducing a new polypropylene version of the existing timber paddle I was suitably enthusiastic to get my hands on one. I had seen the original design and for one reason or another I hadn’t quite got around to ordering one.

The unit measures a very compact 550mm L x 150mm W and features some vicious looking teeth and a very handy hook. I absolutely appreciate the compact size of this tool because as a Hobie owner I found it a chore to carry around the full size paddle. 
The Assault Hand Paddle has a very ergonomic foam grip and I have found that the wide handle allows for some very strong paddle strokes when necessary. I now use my paddle to launch from the bank, correct alignment when fishing, reversing and I even use the hook  for tying off to branches when I want to make multiple casts at a specific structure or area.

The paddle is made from a blended fiberglass / poly propylene plastic to create a super strong material and the backbone ribbing increase the durability so much so that the manufacturer 100% guarantees you will not break this paddle during any normal paddling activities. It weighs a mere 340 grams and if that wasn’t enough, this thing even floats! I have mine attached to a lanyard and I simply throw it behind my seat when its not required.

This is one serious bit of kit and its versatility, design and light weight make for an ideal kayak fishing tool. My Hobie paddles are now collecting dust in the shed while my Assault Hand Paddle is a trusty companion on all fishing expeditions.

The paddle is distributed in Australia through MLTE, so contact Colin today and find your nearest dealer because every yakker derserves a Stealth Assault Paddle.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ask The Expert : Mark Saxon - Sax Scent

1. - Tell us a little about your background ? 

 I have been involved In fishing Since 14yrs of Age Commercial fished for 17yrs chasing  Most species even then had a keen interest in recreational angling and was member of fishing clubs on South coast In the town of Ulladulla, After completing My Master 5, 4 and Marine engine driver Course I moved away for a few years where I chased  Cod and fly fished for Trout. In  this time I  was based on the Murray river Howlong for 5yrs but the coast called and my wife and kids moved to the Mid North Coast I managed a tackle shop and skippered a charter vessel for a couple of yrs before buying Castaway Estuary Charters and going alone, with the charters the rod building and Sax Scent pretty busy oh and did I mention this last year my wife and I have purchased Port Macquarie Houseboats . 

2. - How long have you been in business ?

The Sax Scent is only new to the market but has been worked on for several yrs.

3. - what are the different flavours and what scent for what types of waters ?

4 flavours at present Wasabi and Abalone are two favoured by Freshwater Fisho’s but in saying that wasabi has been a hit on bream up here on nth coast gold prawn and bloodworm are two for salt which have been great on jewfish and bream and flatties.
4. - How do you control the consistency of batches ?

We like to keep the product exact every time and follow a strict recipe!

5. - Tell us something about your product that makes it stand out against other scents ? 

We wanted to do a product different from others so we went non wax, we also wanted better adhesiveness to lure and with the different coloured  fleck we knew we had a winner with something that catches fishes attention and then the smell which  keeps them at the lure turning half hearted taps  into full blooded bites.

6. - Are there any new flavours coming in the near future ? any hints as to what types ? 

At Sax Scent we are establishing our business in the market we have 2 other products in the scent which are sure to be popular and still at the same affordable price, im not saying too much about them yet as we want to get people using and seeing the effectiveness of our scents on the market now but you can be sure that next yr we will have some more there to keep the fish interested.

7. - Why buy Sax scents ?

Well firstly Sax Scent Does Work it catches fish !  results are continuing to amaze us also We are A Husband and Wife Team who have not gone overseas looking for product we have stayed in Australia with Australian products to catch Aussie fish  and put in  a great deal of time and effort trialling to get it right and the end result is a good product and its great price for the market I just reckon people should judge it themselves and see the results and remember when buying Sax Scent you will have ya rod bent !

8. - Where can we buy Sax Scent and how do we get our local retailer to stock the product ?

Sax Scent is available from many tackle stores and online we have a stockists list on  and Aaron from A&M Tackle is distributing for us,  so  if your favourite tackle store doesn’t have it Contact Aaron or myself and we will talk to them.
Thank you for your time.

Keep Yakkin 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Overboard Products - Waterproof Phone Case Review

Yakkin Tackle has recently taken the big step into the video and camera domain to produce trip reports and v log type articles.
As part of this process I have purchased a GOPRO and one of the marvelous features is the smart phone application that enables the user to use the smart phone as a remote.
The only down side to this is that I now need to be in constant contact with my iphone  to capture the moment.
This is where the OverBoard waterproof phone case really comes in handy. The case will fit all smart phone models and measures approximately 13cm in length.
The soft but strong waterproof shell makes this a much more comfortable accessory to wear around the neck than some of the hard case versions on the market and I found the slide locking system very easy to use, even in wet conditions.

The front and rear clear windows are made from a soft pvc material and the touch screen responsiveness is surprisingly good. The rear window is made from a material called Lenzflex and although I have no idea what this is, the manufacturer has informed me that it is this product that ensures crystal clear videos and photos.

My waterproof testing was only dangling the unit from the side of my kayak but the unit stayed 100% dry and the manufacturer claims a waterproof depth of up to 6 metres.

This is a fantastic little unit and knowing my iphone is protected gives me piece of mind when I am out on the water.

The unit comes complete with a handy lanyard and carabiner to either hang around the neck or from a yak or backpack.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sun2Sea FishCulture Shirt - Review

Mildura is arguably one of the hottest destinations along the murray and as a kayak fisho I am constantly reminded of just how parched and burnt one can get when fishing along this mighty river during the summer months.
So, when I was asked to provide a product review on the Sun2Sea fishing shirt, I was naturally enthusiastic.

First and foremost, the Sun2Sea range of shirts offer 50+ UPF protection and this protection is backed up by certification from Australia’s own UV government body, ARPANSA.
There are a lot of manufacturers out there advertising “swimming’ or “fishing” shirts that offer no or little UV protection at all so it is refreshing to see a company ensure that the product they sell is tested and certified, ensuring maximum sun protection for the end user.

The shirt I received was a Fish Culture product and even came with a handy fish measure printed on the left sleeve.
These shirts are extremely comfortable, quick drying and can be worn wet or dry because the material is light and non ‘clingy’.
The polo has a nice long collar and the cuffless sleeves are really appreciated after a long day casting. The good people at Sun2Sea must have had us fisher people in mind when they were designing this shirt because the cuff is long, loose and non restricting.

The Sun2Sea range also includes:
  • V-neck 
  • Polos
  • Hoodies

There is a Sun2Sea shirt to fit the whole family and they also have a great range of sarongs, gloves and kayak covers.

The team at Sun2Sea can even have your shirts personalised with a club logo or sponsor details.
I am really impressed with this product and I will definately be placing an order for the new Yakkin Tackle shirts in the very near future.

Contact Robbie at Sun2Sea today and that dreaded lobster look will become a thing of the past.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Costa Del Mar Blackfin - Review

I had heard many glowing reports about the Costa Del Mar range of sunglasses and I was keen to get my hands on a pair to see what all the fuss was about when the generous team at Black Pete supplied me with my new Blackfin sunglasses. 
The timing was absolutely perfect because I had just lost another pair of sunglasses to the murky depths of the Murray river.

The Costa Del Mar brand is one of the most recognised fishing sunglasses brands in the US and sales figures are improving out of sight in the Australian market where traditionally only one brand ruled the roost.

The first thing you notice about the Blackfin sunglasses is flawless design and wrap around lens.
This design gives full eye protection from the glaring Australian sun, wind and any other foreign objects.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses offer a wide range of lens options including:

  • 580 Glass
  • Poly Carbonate
  • Plastic

I opted for the Glass lens in the Copper. This lens is ideal for the freshwater environment because it reduces glare and enhances contrast.
The clarity of this lens is absolutely world class and it becomes obvious why industry insiders have dubbed this lens “ the clearest lens on the planet”.
I was amazed at the depth of clarity among rocks and other structures and the scratch resistant glass is easy to clean and feels well balanced with the nylon frame.

The stylish practical design of the Blackfin sunglasses make this product ideal for fishing but it is Hydrolite technology that is the real star of the show.

My pet hate is something I refer to as “brain crush”. This highly technical term refers to the painful sensation of my sunglasses arm squeezing in on my temple area.
Hydrolite™ is a co-injected plastic compound that runs the length of both temples and extends up to the nose pad. This makes for a very comfortable fit and ensures a snug fit to the face. 

This is the paragraph where I should write the negative points about the product but I can honestly say I cannot think of one thing because the Blackfin sunglasses are flawless and I suppose the only negative is that they are not readily available in all reputable tackle stores. 
I have a feeling that tide is changing and that we will be seeing a lot from Costa Del Mar range in the near future.

Black Pete are the Australian distributors of the Costa Del Mar range and they would be more than happy to help you locate your nearest dealer.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Compact Lip Grips - Review

I was recently handed a pair of these new compact lip grips from my local GotOne Tackle store and I am happy to report I won’t be handing them back any time soon.

I need everything in my kayak to be light, compact and accessible because space is critical in such a small area and the last thing I need is a big heavy cumbersome pair of grips rattling around at my feet.

The grips weigh a mere 210 grams and the ergonomic design makes them ideal for kayak anglers, boaties or land based anglers. 
Constructed of stainless steel and magnesium alloy, the grips are strong, corrosion resistant and the manufacturer claims a lifting weight of 15kg. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test them out on a model that large but with Cod opening just around the corner, I’m hoping to let a big green monster put a pair through it’s paces.

The jaws have a strong closed position and the spring loaded trigger is easy to use.
My grips have been hung out in the weather for over two months to test durability and I am happy to report there does not seem to be any signs of rust or corrosion and all components are still moving freely.
Obviously salt water anglers would need to thoroughly rinse and spray with a WD40 product to ensure the lifespan of the product.

The grips come standard with a handy little lanyard attachment that is ideal for attaching to the side of a yak or a pfd fishing jacket. The small clip is of low quality  and I promptly replaced this with a stainless steel carabiner.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is after a light and compact alternative to the regular grips. The compact lip grips are available through all good tackle stores and retail for around $35.00.

Keep Yakkin’

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lowrance Elite/Mark 4 quick release Ram-mount - Review

The Ram Mount brand is synonymous with quality mounting products for all types of purposes and the RAM-B-101-L011 is no exception.

This particular model will suit all Elite/Mark 4 Lowrance units and is clearly labelled as a ‘Light Use’ mount. There is also a model to suit all Elite 5 and Mark 5 Lowrance sounders (‘rugged use’).

I have the Lowrance Elite 4 DSI and the sounder specific mount seemed an obvious choice for my new kayak sounder install. The mount is really easy to install and the large 1” rubber ball joint allows for a full range of viewing positions. 

The Lowrance adaptor clips into the rear of the sounder effortlessly and I have found the quick release system quite robust despite the ‘light use’ specification.

This type of quick release mount is ideal for kayak use and the powder coated aluminum construction makes for a light but sturdy unit.

This is a really well thought out collaboration between Lowrance and Ram Mounts and I highly recommend this product to any Kayak fisherman who own one of the compatible sounders. 

The guys at Southern Insight are a pleasure to deal with and will happily advise you of your nearest dealer.

Keep Yakkin’